Sidekix Matching

“I wish I had a friend!”

For Children with Special Needs or Disabilities the need for a friend or sidekick is just as strong as for the typically developing child! Ask any parent of a child with special needs and they will tell you that most of these children do not have friends who make an effort to spend time with them outside of school or church.

As these special children grow older their lives become lonelier and more isolated as they sit home alone often watching siblings come and go with their friends on a regular basis. It is heartbreaking for the parents who don’t know exactly how to encourage typically developing children to spend time with their children.

We are hoping to break down these barriers and bring children with special needs and disabilities together with typically developing children to form friendships that will last a lifetime. And we are hopeful that they will all learn from each other and discover that being a kind and compassionate “Sidekix” friend can change the world for so many!

Matching Sidekix Friends

From July to December, “Sidekix” will be collecting information from parents of children with special needs and from parents of typically developing children who want to be a part of the “Sidekix” program. The information will be put in a database to match 2-3 “Sidekix” friends with each “Sidekix.”

Because we want to make sure we match compatible friends with each “Sidekix,” we will collect specific information and have a phone conversation with the parents of the children with special needs if necessary.

Besides attending the “Sidekix” Mix events, we would like for the typically developing children to plan at least one other time to get together with the their “Sidekix” starting in January 2019.

We would like for the parents to communicate how to plan this time and to be present for safety reasons. Please make sure you have the time to spend at least 1 hour a month with your “Sidekix” before signing up for the program. Matches will be made for preschool ages through age 25.