SAS! ~ Sidekix Adult Support

Kids with Special Needs have Extra Special Parents!

Parent Seminars & Support Group

“Sidekix” will be planning seminars of different topics to help the parents of Special Needs Children. “Sidekix” will have professional speakers coming in for seminars every couple of months! If you have any recommendations of speakers, educators, doctors, etc. for the seminars, please contact us!

Socials ~ Adults ~ Support

Besides providing a social and fun environment for the “Sidekix” friendships to flourish, “Sidekix” wants to provide a time for the parents, caregivers, guardians to get together to socialize and support each other. These adult friendships will be just as important!


  • Parents will have the opportunity to meet, to build friendships with each other, and to offer each other support.
  • SAS! will be a time to share information, ideas, suggestions, and encouragement! Inclusion is just as important for the adults!
  • Adults who have children with special needs and adults of typically developing children have a lot to learn from and share with each other!
  • Through “Sidekix” SAS! – Adults will build meaningful and supportive relationships replacing the isolation that parents of children with special needs often experience. Just like the “Sidekix” friends, the SAS! adults will benefit from the inclusion too!